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Boost the efficiency of your technical teams with a purpose-built platform to organize, delegate and track equipment maintenance.

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Centralize and Automate

Simplify Communications

Mobile Access to Maintenance Workflows

Increase efficiency and collaboration with one mobile tool that equips everyone on your team with easy access to all the information they need

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Easily assign and view task status using the ticketing system

Seamlessly administer your infrastructure across all points of maintenance

Save time and money with consistent, proactive maintenance programmes

A boost of


in machine availability

Reduce by


the maintenance administrative work

Time savings:


saved per day per technician

Whether on the shop floor or in an executive suite, enable your entire team with a mobile-accessible command center to drive visibility and efficiency across your maintenance operations.


Deliver Action-Driven Performance Insights

Automate alerts and notifications so you know exactly what needs to be done with every piece of equipment.


Incident and Request Management

Quickly document and track requests in just a few clicks with our mobile QR code notification system.


Manage Equipment and Inventory via Mobile

Quickly get an overview of your equipment and inventory status across any system


Drive Preventative Maintenance

Effortlessly stay on top of your preventative maintenance operations with personalized controls and checklists.

Our Enterprise product enables you to:


Monitor Performance with advanced IoT

Leverage advanced IoT functionality to effortlessly monitor, analyze, and optimize machine performance by setting your custom KPIs.


Integrate your existing systems with our API

Connect HelloHouston to your ERP, accounting, and other Enterprise systems with our seamless API integrations

We know that equipment maintenance is an essential component of industrial logistics. But old, outdated solutions aren’t delivering the results you need. You deserve a platform that enables your technicians to spring into action in a crisis and efficiently deploy preventative maintenance on any equipment.

That’s why we’ve combined our experience in civil engineering and industrial change management to deliver a robust solution designed explicitly for this industry. You're better prepared for any challenge and the entire business benefits.

Enable your technicians to do what they do best:

Access our mobile platform from anywhere to quickly respond to any maintenance need

Gain visibility into historical data and insights that support preventative equipment maintenance

Precisely manage equipment with a product designed specifically for industrial and logistics companies

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